Automated Guided Vehicle ( AGV )


Robot Solution Provider

MODU Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is a mobile robot that can automatically navigate and transport materials from one location to another. It is suitable for (no limited to) manufacturing, textile, automotive, food & beverage, warehousing, hospital operations, etc.

Modules Panel & Payload Handler

Project Management


MODU is built with modular parts making it easy for servicing and maintenance.

Equipped with redundant safety features such as laser sensor, bumper, urgency button, etc.

Differential Driven
Zero turning radius

NavWiz Map
Allows user to draw and plan topological map for MODU

NavWiz Task
MODU programming software using simple flowchart system

Auto Charging
Automatically charges itself to ensure 24-hour continuous operation

Able to move both forward and reverse

Sixteen I/O
Additional 8 inputs and 8 outputs to meet user’s applications

Internet of Thing
MODU is IoT-enabled to meet industry 4.0 requirements

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MODU AGV ( Automated Guided Vehicle ) latest technologies. Its modular design is flexible and easy to maintain. Powered by NavWiz system, the usage and programming of an AGV has never been this easy and simple.