Accumulation Conveyor

Accumulation conveyor momentarily holds products before liberating them to the next production phase.
Accumulation conveyors come in 3 different configurations

Table Accumulation

With large storage capacity, Table-Accumulation stores products to generate mass buffering in order to accommodate other processes. This equipment is driven by two gear motors which drive alternating conveyors in opposite directions.

  • Straight running chain to avoid damage to the product.
  • Falling products are discarded at the turning ends.
  • Number of lanes can vary from 3 to 9.

Alpine Accumulation

Alpine-Accumulation conveyor acts a buffer between machines. It can be used for cooling, drying or to move the products horizontally. The alpine conveyor consists of many conveyor layers which are stacked above each other.

S Accumulation

S-Accumulation conveyor provide inline first-in-first-out accumulation of containers. Maintains container orientation; maximizes floor space utilization while providing accumulation between line operations. Sanitary clean design suited for pharmaceutical operations.